Total Rejuvenation Face Massage  – the most natural approach to youthfulness and perfect skin…a blend of natural oils, lymphatic drainage and acupoints will address the pain and tension in your face that is hiding perfect skin… 50 min $65 Mini $35                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hot  Stone Face  Massage – a blend of beauty and total relaxation as you enjoy this experience of Organic Products that enhance and restore your youthful glow                  Lymphatic Drainage 50 min $65


Body Scrubs & Masks …  GET READY FOR SPRING AND SUMMER… $65

Island Breeze…Coconut, creams and essential oils will exfoliate your skin and the massage will be all about summer relaxation

Mango will cleanse and energize your being as you are exfoliated and massaged with this wonder  blend for detox and rejuvenation

Fig Vanilla infused essential oil and sugar scrub will detox and relax you…float away as you are massaged to a place of peace and comfort



Tranquility Half Day Spa…float away as you enjoy a 30 min Aromatherapy or Hot Stone massage…a refreshing demi facial and a choice of Hand Spa or Foot Spa and includes a lite snack….ahhhhh……approx. 90 min…..$100


Elements Full Day Spa.Fire…Hot Stones and applications of heat complete your 50 min massage  Earth…a luxury facial incorporating a special rejuvenating mask to soften your skin and create a healthy glow   Water…healing waters will soak your hands and feet – add a scrub and paraffin to have you walking on Air – a light healthy snack included approx. 3 hrs. $180






Remember to drink lots of water to dilute and flush out all the toxins…..